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We offer a comprehensive range of care and assistance services for all Australians of all backgrounds. No matter your cultural heritage or personal requirements, we are here to help. To find out how we can assist you please call our toll free number for professional advice and caring concern.

Reliable Hands Staff


We believe in:

  • The right of people to make choices & maintain their independence in their own lives.
  • The right of people to dignity, respect, privacy and confidentiality.
  • The right of people valued as individuals.
  • The right of people to access services on a non-discriminatory basis.
  • The right of the community to receive accountable and responsive services.

We have a common goal with our clients: To assist them to maintain their independence and enhance their quality of life and personal wellbeing.


Our vision is to be a quality provider of services to maintain frail aged people and younger people with disabilities, including those with complex needs who are at risk of premature or inappropriate institutionalisation, in their own homes.


Our staff provide in home care and Disability care in a respectful and holistic way to the client and the carer. Our philosophy is to provide a high-quality service and respect the cultural and spiritual lifestyle of our clients, their carers and families overall. We have a common goal with our clients: To assist them to maintain their independence and enhance their quality of life and personal wellbeing.

Client Lifestyle Facilitators

Our Client Lifestyle Facilitators have extensive experience and qualifications in health and aged care (Registered Nurses and Allied Health Professionals. All our Support workers have Certificates in Aged Care and up to date CPR and First Aid qualifications. They also complete mandatory training in Infection control, Manual Handling, Fire safety and food safety and are supported by a group of health professionals with experience in caring for the elderly and people with disabilities and illnesses. All our staff undergo a National Police check and sign Confidential Agreements and privacy statements at commencement of employment.


All our recruitment and selection procedures adhere to all legislative requirements in relation to Equal Employment Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination and are aligned to the expressed values of the organisation.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of conduct guides professional boundaries and delivery of quality practice.


All our staff receive culturally inclusive training and appropriate resources.

Technological Integration

We provide integrating technology with online capability to improve efficiency of systems and eliminate unnecessary administrative tasks.

Work Environment

We provide a dignified, equitable and productive work environment for all employees.


We acknowledge and recognize contributions made by our staff members. At ACC, we have an internal culture where we value and award their contributions.


Our internal culture and personal values is reflected in our High Staff Retention.

Meet Our Executive Team Members

Aqiil Farah has provided Reliable Hands Community Care services with leadership and vision since 2016. Driven by his strong sense of social justice and compassion, Aqiil has dedicated his life to working in the Aged care, Disability and community sector.

Aqiil will be guiding Reliable Hands Community Care to become one of Australia’s leading Home care providers. Reliable Hands currently has few clients. As a private owned company will deliver strong social and commercial outcomes to enable and help provide the infrastructure to support Australia’s population to live well as we live longer.

Aqiil is passionate about people and knows that organisational culture is fundamental to success. He believes that, “Companies don’t succeed, people do”. Aqiil is committed to investing in Reliable Hands growing strong team, ensuring they can develop their skills, build long-term careers in Home Care and NDIS and continue to provide exceptional, compassionate care to clients as we ensure our customer experience is one of connection and whole of person well-being.

A desire to help people from a young age, particularly the elderly, has seen Aqiil dedicated his life to nursing and caring for others. After starting as a worker at Salvation Army in New Zealand, he soon became the Director and co-owner of Reliable Hands Community Care Services.

Since establishing Reliable Hands Community Care Services, Aqiil supported by a talented Executive Leadership Team has focussed on diversifying the organisation and has been ever so fortunate to bear witness to the growth of the organisation from one that just started to a leading Queensland organisation delivering more than 50 Home care and NDIS service programs. Aqiil has a wealth of experience, expertise and proven leadership skills in the Accounting, hospitality, HR, Finance industry and Science technology. Aqiil Also has serve the Defence force for 3 years.

Aqiil holds BA Business Administration and Humana resources, Management, and Certificate in Ageing and Disability, certificate of science technology and also completing Master of Business and Soon will be studying part time aviation.

Abdirisak he is the founder and co-owner of Reliable Hands Community Care Services. Abdirisak understands that entering NDIS can be a difficult and emotional journey for clients and their families. His focus is on exploring the stages of the journey into NDIS and to look at where Reliable Hands Community Care Services can provide support to help make the transition as easy as possible. Under Abdirisak guidance, Reliable Hands Community Care Services goal is to invent new products, and services to help alleviate the most difficult parts of the process, enhancing the experience for clients and families as they enter this important stage of their lives.

Abdirisak is a senior sales and marketing professional, with a track record of almost 10 years helping organisation develop a deep understanding of the customer experience, building stronger customer relationships that contribute to growth.

With experience across a range of industries, Abdirisak most recent role was General Manager Marketing and finance at Bakaal Money transfer. He helped Bakaal Money transfer to drive growth by redefining its value to customers and improving customer engagement.

Ahmed joined Reliable Hands Community Care Services in 2018. Ahmed recognises the vital role that Reliable Hands Community Care Services people play in providing a warm and welcoming experience for our clients and families, and that as well as delivering exceptional high-quality care, it’s the many small daily interactions that make such a difference to client’s and their families. Ahmed’s focus is on providing the leadership, career development opportunities and structure that will support our clients to continue to provide exceptional, compassionate care to them.

Ahmed brings a proven track record of success in delivering on organisational strategy, enabling rapid growth, and instilling a high-performance culture. He has 10 years’ experience in the finance, management and accounting sector, including strong financial and operational experience at a senior level.

Ahmed believe that growth and innovation is essential across the NDIS and Aged care sector, to improve the overall experience for NDIS and ageing Australians.

Prior to joining Opal, Ian was Director of Operations, where he was responsible for the strategic and operational performance.

Ahmed holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Economic and Finance Administration/Management from Otago University, Dunedin NZ and a master’s degree in International Management from University of Waikato.

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