Reliable Hands Testimonials

As a member of Reliable Hands Community Care Services for eight wonderful years, I’ve witnessed firsthand the profound impact this organization had on me and other clients, individuals, and families. The dedication and compassion shown by every team member make this place more than just a service; it’s a lifeline for me and those in need. The personal growth and fulfillment I’ve experienced here are immeasurable. Thank you, Reliable Hands, for making every day a rewarding journey.
Amina Ahmed


Reliable Hands Community Care Services stands out for its exceptional commitment to care and support. During my time here, I’ve seen the remarkable difference this organization makes in the lives of those it serves. The team’s professionalism and empathy create a nurturing environment not only for clients but for staff as well. I’m proud to be part of an organization that truly prioritizes the well-being of its community and clients.
John Jelms


My journey with Reliable Hands Community Care Services has been an enlightening experience. The organization’s focus on providing tailored care and support to each individual is exemplary. I am continually impressed by the dedication of their team in creating a positive and impactful environment. Reliable Hands is more than a home care service for me; it’s a community of caregivers dedicated to making a real difference, and its home for me. They give me the best care. Aqiil and Abdi are truly remarkable, honest, and hard-working young men. They look after me like their own father. They listen to my decisions, respect my opinions, and my privacy.
Mohamed Ereg


Being a part of Reliable Hands Community Care Services has been a truly transformative experience. The organization’s commitment to excellence in community care is evident in every aspect of its care services and operations. The supportive and collaborative homely environment has not only enhanced my care services but also deepened my understanding of compassionate care. Reliable Hands is like family to me. I call Aqiil my son. He cares a lot, listens, and is always there for me. The care I also get from Francine is remarkable. I am so lucky to have them around me. Before I joined them, I was feeling lonely and lost but I truly found a home. The good thing is they are a small company which is good. I want them to stay that way because if they grow and get too many clients, they may forget us, that’s what I am scared of.


Reliable Hands Community Care Services embodies the essence of quality care and compassion. My time here has been filled with joy and happiness by their services, and meaningful connections. The organization’s unwavering dedication to its clients and their families is truly inspiring. I am honoured to have RHCCS as my carers to such a noble and vital cause.
Cecile Nahimana


At Reliable Hands Community Care Services, I found more than just a home care service; I found a purpose, a homely environment, their services are perfect for my care plan. They listen, they explain, and they make you understand through every decision about my care. They make me feel important and they always tell me ‘You are our boss; we work for you as you are our client’, they say it’s our priority to make you happy and safe with our services. The supportive atmosphere and the team’s commitment to providing the best care possibly make every day a rewarding experience. I’m proud to be a RHCCS client and be part of a home care company that makes a real difference in the community.
Bashiir Hassan

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