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We offer a comprehensive range of care and assistance services for all Australians of all backgrounds. No matter your cultural heritage or personal requirements, we are here to help. To find out how we can assist you please call our toll free number for professional advice and caring concern.

Reliable Hands Real Stories

We write to express our appreciation and congratulate you and Caring Hands on the tremendous work carried out by the staff who were so professional and very skilled workmen. The job was carried out all times with the thought of Ali Kiya and his disabilities and what he needed in the bathroom. The guys also spoke and acknowledged Ali Kiya at all times with respect and in a friendly way. The work you do is so important and has allowed me to concentrate on my other kids while Ali Kiya is getting all the help he needs comfortably and confidently shower. It is also a great relief for my husband and I to know he can do it safely… we are so grateful for what you guys have done for us while we were struggling and the NDIS was not available, but the free services and the help you guys gave us is something that we will never forget.

To know that Caring Hands exists greatly relives my mind. Without your generosity Ali Kiya may never have received such an extraordinary service once again, THANK YOU.”

For my self and husband. May your company continue for years to come and go from strength to strength.



I would like to express my gratitude for your company Reliable Hands Community Care Services assistance over the last year. Your help has greatly improved my independence and living standards, for my self and my family. THANK YOU.

Hyam Saleh

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