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Reliable Hands Privacy Policy


Reliable Hands recognises an individual’s right to privacy, including the right to having their personal information protected.

Reliable Hands protects each consumer’s privacy in accordance with:

  • The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act).
  • The Australian Privacy Principles.
  • Other Registered Privacy Codes.
  • The Aged Care Charter of Rights.

This policy provides guidelines to guide  employees practice on:

  • the type of information collected.
  • how information is collected.
  • the use, disclosure, and management of personal information.


The purpose for which information may be collected, held, used, and disclosed

The personal information Reliable Hands collects and holds about a consumer will depend on a consumer’s interaction with Reliable Hands. Generally, Reliable Hands will collect, use, and hold a consumer’s personal information for the purpose of:

  • assisting in the provision of quality care services for our consumers.
  • effectively training, managing, and ensuring the safety of each employee.
  • facilitating our internal business operations, including the fulfilment of any taxation,
  • compliance or legal requirements.
  • analysing our services, consumer and employee needs with a view to improve those services; and
  • contacting the consumer to provide a testimonial for us.

Types of information collected

Reliable Hands can collect, hold, and manage consumers’ personal information relating to the provision of a consumer’s services.

Reliable Hands can collect, hold, and manage employees’ personal information relating to an employee’s position during their period of employment.

Sensitive information which may be collected could include, but is not limited to:

  • Ethnicity.
  • Cultural preferences.
  • Sexual identity.
  • Religion.
  • Health and/or psychological information.
  • Diversity.

How information is collected

Reliable Hands collects information by lawful and fair means, and we will only collect personal information that is necessary for the provision of a consumer’s services, for employment purposes, and/or for conducting our business in general. As an example, Reliable Hands may collect information about our consumers during any consumer correspondence including telephone, facsimile, email, letter, subscription (electronically or otherwise) to any of our publications or when a consumer contacts Reliable Hands in person.

How information is used and disclosed


Employees personal information may be used by Reliable Hands in connection with an employee’s:

  • work placement.
  • performance appraisals; and
  • identification of training needs.

Reliable Hands may also use an employee’s information in the management of any complaint, investigation, or inquiry in which the employee is involved including, but is not limited to, insurance and/or WorkCover claims.


Consumers personal information will be captured in a consumer’s individualised care plan which supports and guides the provision of a consumer’s care services and may be used by Reliable Hands to share:

  • With other service providers to ensure the provision of the required care and services.
  • With our Caregivers in feedback about their care visit.

Reliable Hands will usually use or disclose personal information relating to consumers and employees:

  • for the primary purpose for which it was collected.
  • for related purposes which the individual would reasonably expect; or
  • with consumer consent.

In some circumstances, we may use or disclose personal information without consent. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Enabling Reliable Hands to match an employee’s interests with the interests of our consumers.
  • Reviewing and analysing our services, including consumer and employee needs with a view to improving those services.
  • Where we reasonably believe that the use or disclosure is necessary to reduce or prevent a threat to a person’s life, health or safety or a serious threat to public health or safety.
  • Where the use or disclosure is required by law; and
  • Where we reasonably believe the use is necessary for law enforcement, public revenue protection, prevention, and remedying of serious improper conduct, or conduct of court or tribunal proceedings, either by or on behalf of an enforcement body.

Failure to provide Reliable Hands with information and/or inaccurate information

If the personal information a consumer provides is incomplete, not current, or inaccurate, Reliable Hands may be unable to provide the consumer with the care and services required.

Failure to provide complete and accurate information by an employee could also result in disciplinary actions and may result in a decision to terminate their employment contract.

Collection of anonymous information via Reliable Hands website

Reliable Hands maintains the privacy of all users and guests of our digital location.

Reliable Hands tracks usage patterns on our website on an anonymous basis. Each time an individual accesses our website a web server makes a record of the visit.

Specifically, it records:

  • The internet service provider.
  • Date and time of your visit.
  • Pages accessed and the documents downloaded.
  • Search items entered; and
  • Referring URLs (universal locators).

Our website may contain links to other websites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of linked websites and any linked websites are not subject to our privacy policies and procedures.

Direct Marketing

Reliable Hands may from time to time use information to market services directly to a consumer however will not provide or disclose consumer information to any third party for the purposes of direct marketing. In the event we use information about you for the purpose of direct marketing, we provide the consumer with a mechanism to ‘opt-out’. If a consumer chooses to ‘opt-out’ Reliable Hands will not continue to use that consumer’s information for direct marketing purposes.

How personal information is secured

Reliable Hands stores personal information in different ways, including in hard copy or as electronic data in our Relationship Management System (RMS) which is a core electronic business operating system. The security of personal information is important to Reliable Hands and we take reasonable measures to ensure your personal information is stored safely to protect it from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, and modification or disclosure. These measures include electronic and physical security measures.

Gaining access to and correction of personal information

A consumer and/or an employee may request access to any personal information held about them, by making a written request. Reliable Hands will respond to any information request within a reasonable period.

Reliable Hands may decline a request for access to personal information in circumstances prescribed by the Privacy Act. If access is declined, Reliable Hands will provide you with a written notice setting out the reasons for the refusal.

If, upon receiving access to personal information, or at any time, consumers and/or employees believe the personal information held is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date, Reliable Hands is to be notified immediately. Reliable Hands will take reasonable steps to correct the information to ensure information is always accurate, complete, and current.

Data breach of personal information

In the event that Reliable Hands becomes aware of a data breach of personal information and considers the risk of the data breach is more than likely to result in serious harm to an individual/s, Reliable Hands will notify the individual/s at risk in accordance with our obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 and the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme.

Lodging a complaint and providing feedback

If a consumer and/or employee wish to lodge a complaint about a breach of the Privacy Act, Australian Privacy Principles, or applicable Privacy Codes they are to contact  Reliable Hands office where Reliable Hands will follow the complaints management process.

A consumer and/or employee may also make a complaint to the Reliable Hands Directors who can be contacted at:

Reliable Hands
2 Chadsvale Court,
Woodridge, QLD 4114
Telephone: 07 3808  148 or 1300 685 206
Email: or

In the event a consumer and/or employee is not satisfied with Reliable Hands’ response, they may lodge a complaint directly to the Office of Australian Information Commissioner who can be contacted at:

Office of Australian Information Commissioner GPO Box 10143
Adelaide Street Brisbane QLD 4000
Telephone: 1800 642 753 or 07 3234 7373


It is the responsibility of Reliable Hands to:

  • ensure that all employees have access to, and are aware of, this policy and procedure; and
  • ensure consumer’s and external stakeholders have access to this policy.

It is the responsibility of all Reliable Hands employees to comply with this policy and procedure.

Approved By: Chief Executive Officer
Aqiil Farah
Date: 1st January 2019

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