The Benefits of In-Home Care

When observing someone you love become elderly and less independent can be difficult and the fear for ageing parents keeps many of us up at night. So, it’s natural to want the best for your elderly loved ones but deciding what the best is can be difficult.

An increasingly popular care option is home care. There are many benefits of home care, which allows your loved ones to stay in their own home, while they age with dignity. While live in home care isn’t suitable for everyone, for many people it offers a very viable alternative to the traditional, and often dreaded care home environment.

Whether you hire a professional carer or you’re planning to care for your elderly parents yourself, there are some convincing reasons to consider a home care solution.

Here we look at the benefits of home care, to help you make an informed decision about the next steps for your loved ones.

The first major benefit of home care is that it’s generally what your relatives want. Understandably, most of the elderly are reluctant to leave their own home unless absolutely necessary. If medically feasible, live in home care is often the best option because it allows your elderly parents to stay in a safe, familiar environment where they’re happy and settled.

Independence is another major benefit of live in care for elderly. Studies agree that overwhelmingly, the elderly fear loss of independence more than dying – and home care allows the retention of independence. Even the small things – deciding when to take tea and biscuits for example, can mean a huge amount to someone who has spent their whole life making those decisions for themselves.

Affordability is another benefit of home care, often home care is a significantly more affordable option than a care home, the prices for which are rising year on year. The actual cost of home care will depend on the type of care you go with. For example, having a full-time live-in home carer is one of the most expensive options. While we’re seeing a big rise in the number of families opting for a more flexible pop-in, pop-out care structure.

It’s to be expected that personalised care is limited in a care home setting, where staff have multiple people to focus on at any one time. In contrast, live in home care is completely bespoke, tailored to the individual needs of your parent or relative and able to adapt as those needs change. This is one of the benefits of live in care that you cannot get in a care home.

At the end of the day, there’s no definitive right answer when it comes to choosing a care solution for your elderly relative, and the benefits of home care will vary from family to family. Each person has different needs and preferences, and the most important thing is to address those needs with sensitivity.

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